10:00–10:25         Coffee and snacks

10:25–10:30         Welcome


10:30–12:00         SESSION I

                              Amy Tai (Yale University)

                                    Memory and Metamorphosis in the C# minor Prelude


                              Eron Smith (Eastman School of Music)

                                    Five and Three: Middleground Prototypes for MozartFirst-movement Concerto Forms


                              Carly Barnes (Cincinnati Conservatory of Music)

                                    Comparing Inner and Outer Form in the Third Movement of                                                    Mozart's Concerto in G, K. 313


12:00–12:15         Break


12:15–1:15           SESSION II

                              Carlos Pérez (Mannes School of Music)

                                    La sensibile è mobile! - Descending Leading Tones in Italian Opera from the Primo Ottocento


                              Karen E. H. Messina (Duke University)

                                    Rescued from Obscurity: Classical Form and Diegetic Music in                                               Puccini's Operas


1:15-2:30              Lunch


2:30–4:00             SESSION III

                              Morgan Markel (Eastman School of Music)

                                    Combined Linear Progressions and Tonal Voice Leading in Louis                                           Vierne's Pieces de fantaisie


                              Issa Aji (Temple University)

                                    A Non-Conventional Act of Heroism: the (mis)Placement of the                                              Second Theme in the First Movement of Sibelius's Second Symphony           


                              Jesse Gardner (CUNY Graduate Center)

                                    Three Species of Hemiola in Brahms


4:00–4:15             Break


4:15–5:30             KEYNOTE ADDRESS

                              Prof. William Rothstein (CUNY Graduate Center)

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